31 Day Reset: Day 23 – Finding Support

I’m participating in the 31 Days to Reset Your Life program at Happy Black Woman. The program is designed to help you evaluate your goals and priorities and think of them in the context of your life today and how you might be able to refocus on what’s important. Read on to learn about my experience with the challenge!

The Day 23 challenge was to find a community of people who would support you and your goals from the 31 Day Reset program or specifically your Reset Project. As my Reset Project focused on finances, this was tough for me. I knew that a step in the right direction would be to sign up on, a website I had heard about from several people. The program pulls information from all your financial sites (checking, savings, credit cards, etc) to compile it all, create budgets, help with spending alerts, and the list goes on and on. I know, it sounds scary to give that kind of access, but I haven’t heard anything about it not being secure from anyone I know.

I signed up on the site and forgot for a minute about today’s exercise. I was amazed at the budgeting and organizing I could do on the site. Of course, as it is December, two of my largest expenses besides rent were $650 on gifts and $120 on donations to nonprofits… it will be interesting to take a closer look next month. I remembered today’s assignment and looked for an online community on the site and couldn’t find much. But I did Like them on Facebook and found a lot of activity there, and followed them (and many other similar organizations) on Twitter. I hope through these avenues I can get connected.

Please, if you know of any communities where people in their late twenties might be discussing similar issues, send them my way! I would love to get plugged in and educate myself about becoming more financially literate and secure.


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