31 Day Reset: Day 3 – Love Letter

I’m participating in the 31 Days to Reset Your Life program at Happy Black Woman. The program is designed to help you evaluate your goals and priorities and think of them in the context of your life today and how you might be able to refocus on what’s important. Read on to learn about my experience with the challenge!

I was out of town this weekend so I’m a day late on this exercise, but better late than never!

Day 3’s exercise is to write a love letter to your future self. I actually wrote the letter and put it into a program that will email it to you later… mine will be coming in a month. For the letter, I took the seven parts of my life that I evaluated yesterday and instead of what I liked or disliked about each, I wrote what I love… or hope that I will love in the future, as a result of this program. I’m not quite sure that I did the assignment correctly, but I basically wrote my goal for each area, or what I’d like to ideally see for myself. For example:

Lifestyle: I love that you have prioritized leisure time in your life.

Work: I love that you appreciate the work you’re doing but don’t stress over it.

Finances: I love that you have a budget and plan to pay off debt and save.

I guess the hope is that with these goals you will slowly begin to believe that they can come true. I certainly hope so!