How to Ask for Money Without Being Scared

Money is a funny thing. Our relationship to it is unlike anything else. Money ensures you have food, shelter, clothing – all the basic human essentials. In fact, with the American economy set up the way it is, one could argue you need money to live. But most of us work to get more money than is necessary. Most of us dream of the house with a white picket fence, the nice car, and the fancy dinners. And therefore, in many people’s eyes, money = happiness.

That’s one of the reasons asking for money is so scary. Money is sacred – it represents so much more than the coins jingling in your piggy bank. It represents a comfortable home and piece of mind. But if you change your mindset about what you’re really asking for when you ask for money, it’s easy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when asking for money.

  • Love the cause you’re asking for money for. If you’re passionate about what you’re fundraising for, it will come across when you’re talking to potential donors. Remember to share why you love the cause, what got you involved, and why you care. Instead of trying to convince them to care, showing that you care is the best way to persuade them.
  • Be in the business of making people happy. Giving away money to good causes makes people happy (there are several studies that show this is the case). People love the feeling they get when helping others. Instead of thinking of it as asking someone for something, think of it as giving them the opportunity to be happy. You are simply the middle man.
  • They are going to give away their money anyway – might as well be to your cause. More than 9 out of 10 Americans donate in a given year – that’s huge. There’s a strong chance the person you’re talking to is going to give to something this year. It might as well be the amazing cause you are working for – you know how amazing it is, so you’ve already vetted the cause and done the research for them! All that’s left is the easy part – donating.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection. The worst possible thing that could happen when you ask someone for money? They say no. Then what? Nothing. You move on, they move on. Don’t take this response personally – when someone says no, it’s no reflection on you, it’s simply not a fit for him/her to give to your cause.

Asking for money does not have to be scary, and if you follow these tips, it will become natural to you. Let go of being scared of rejection, feel confident in your cause, and put on your best smile. You can do it! 🙂


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