How To Be the Best Hire Your Boss Ever Made

I know, I know. You’re looking at that title like, wow. Really? Did she just go there? Isn’t that a little much? My boss would never think that of me or anyone else. Come on now, that’s a little dramatic.

Well, I’m here to tell you something. It’s possible. How do I know? My boss told me that on Monday.

I’m not lying. Those words left his mouth. But first he said with a smile, “don’t tell your direct supervisor” (he is her boss, and he hired her as well!). And – let me clarify exactly what he said.

“I’ve never hired anyone who has worked out as well as you are.”

It’s important to note that I have worked out well. I’m not just amazing – I have grown into amazing. And you can, too.

Here are some tips to grow into the best hire your boss (or even your boss’ boss) ever made.

  • Take the initiative. Deja vu. I’ve blogged about this topic before (see: How To Take the Initiative). But there’s a reason I keep coming back to it. Don’t just show up and do the minimum asked. Go above and beyond what’s expected. No, I don’t want you to start doing other people’s jobs… I want you to take your job and expand it. Did your boss ask for a certain report from the donor database? Provide it, but also explain what she’s looking at and make suggestions for how it could be better. Put yourself in your supervisor’s shoes, and provide her with what she wants, which is not necessarily what she’s asking for (quite frankly it’s usually not). You’re the expert on what you’re doing – so go for it!
  • Be professional but compassionate. The smallest details – responding cordially to a donor, ensuring thank you letters go out promptly – get me the biggest praise. It sounds so basic, but check your voicemail when you have a new message, respond to emails the same day you receive them, and always treat donors with the utmost respect (even when they personally might get under your skin). The smallest details mean so much.
  • Manage. Not just people. Manage your work load, your projects, and your life! Always be aware of what’s a priority for your boss, and more importantly, what’s not. I can’t tell you how long my list of “when I get to it” tasks is. Often your boss will unload a list of projects that would be nice to have done, but if you were to actually work on them, you’d better have all those thank you letters done. Be aware of your boss’ priorities and your own. The other part to this is to manage your life! You think my boss told me that because I’m here until 6:30 every night? Nope. I leave promptly after I’ve put in my eight hours. My good work/life balance helps me focus on work when I’m there – I’m not emotionally drained after putting in long hours every day.

So, for all you skeptics out there – you can do it! You can be the best hire your boss ever made. Or, at the very least, you can channel some amazing qualities which will get you that second look and who knows, maybe even a promotion.


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