31 Day Reset: Day 19 – Roses & German Chocolate Cake


I’m participating in the 31 Days to Reset Your Life program at Happy Black Woman. The program is designed to help you evaluate your goals and priorities and think of them in the context of your life today and how you might be able to refocus on what’s important. Read on to learn about my experience with the challenge!

This exercise was fun and sweet! Rosetta pointed out that most of us mentioned love, marriage and/or kids on our bucket list. So, today she challenged us to revive our love lives. For those of us in a committed relationship, this means doing something romantic or out of the ordinary for our partner.

My boyfriend and my four year anniversary was on Friday so we had made a point to celebrate our love just a few days ago. But that made today even nicer because it was that much more unexpected. I’m also sick today, so a date night out was out of the picture. Instead, I snuck out of the house under the guise that I was getting ginger, chard and a sweet potato for dinner. In fact, I also picked up some roses, a slice of German chocolate cake (his favorite that we never eat because I’m not a big fan), and I spent some time writing some of the things I love about him in a card.

When I came back home he asked me if I had brought home a snack for him (he had been bugging me for one before I left!). I said sort of… with a smile… and brought him everything. He smiled and said, what’s this for? and I told him it was 1) because I love him and 2) because it was today’s 31 Day Reset prompt (he’s my accountability partner so he is well aware of the program). She told you to get someone flowers? he asked. The smile on his face was enough.

When we were first together I used to do surprising sweet gestures all the time. I would pick up flowers or wine to bring home. Sometimes I would plan out a whole day of activities for us. I have to admit that those things have dropped off recently, especially since we’ve moved and I’ve started school. It’s definitely something I’d like to make time for!